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Semelia Testimonials

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I started to use Semelia From April, I was wearing size 40-42 But Now I am wearing Size 36 I have lost so much weight Thanks to Semelia. My Friends have staterd Using it as well Because they see that It has Changed my life my skin is beautiful because of it I have self Confidence now and I feel lite and always happy

September 2016
Lerato Siyothula

Dobsonville - Soweto

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Mariette Lost more than 70kg's in one year

September 2016
Mariete Coetzee - Heidleburg

My fiance is currently using Semelia for two months now and its really amazing, shes lost 10kg in 2 months with the festive season so im impressed with the product

January 2016
Pranash Moodley - Richards Bay

I did not take any before and after pics as I wasnt sure this product would work on me. At first I was sceptical about this product as I have tried alot of products on the market with very little to no results at all. Although I am on chronic meds for my blood pressure and thyroid I still took the chance of using the nuts. Today I can truly say this nut really works. I did not have a scale when I started so I measured me once a week on three different places and to date I can gladly say after 5 months with a short break in between I have lost a total of 66cm amd look and feel a different person. My blood pressure is aldo normal now.

January 2015
Gail Booysen

Cape Town

I have never had Beyonce's figure I was always the biggest. This worsened during and after my pregnancy 2013. I started using Semalia after I had given birth in February weighing at 101Kg. I am not a fan of the scale but when I had to go for weighings at work during my medical I had lost some weight. To date I am weighing at 73kg. My ideal weight is 65kg and I know guaranteed I will reach that with the help of Semelia.

My confidence has increased. I am not ashamed when talking my son for a walk or hanging out with the ladies or my hubby.

For all those trapped in the obesity cycle BREAK IT. Semelia will help u achieve your goal. I can proudly and boldly say I am a YUMMY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!

Thantaswa Weight loss photo before and after

February 2015
Thantaswa Nkumanda

Hi My name is Audrey I started using Semelia nuts in Nov. 2013. With my weight at 75 the highest in my life ever,I had to do something, me being use to my weight much less was getting worried. At first I lost only 3kg in my first month, and then the cm went. In January 2014 I lost a total of 8kg. Going from a size 36 to a 33 pants and 32 dress was awesome. Needless to say still going strong. Must say it’s the easiest way ever to loose weigh. Effortless. Just love the product Amzing what it did to my self esteem. Feeling much better about myself. Another amazing thing about the nuts, I suffer from IBS and since using the Semelia nuts, I have no more pain or other problems with my stomach. I recommend it to mu friends and are proud to say that 6 off them started using it. Thank you for a great product.

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Kind Regards
Audrey Le Roes
Cape town
February 2014

Hi, I am Rhulani Cleopatra Mhangane from Protea glen. I work at JMPD. I have been using Semelia Seeds for about 6 weeksnow, amazingly I lost 10KG's in the first 4 weeks of use and kept it off, I now weigh 88KG and still losing. I was skeptical about Semelia because I wasted to much money on ineffective weight loss products on the market prior to Semelia only to be disapointed. As a result I had lost confidence in myself, to add insult to injury family and friends thought I was Pregnant, even worse my old high school frieds could not regognize me. I regained almost all my confidence, I look and feel great .....All the praises I get. Semelia really works. We still need to lose a few more kilos and that will happen soon.

October 2013
Rhulani Cleopatra Mhangane
Protea Glen Soweto

After having my child I battled for 2 years to shed the weight. 10 weeks on semelia and I've lost almost 10kgs. I finally feel more like the old me. Its been effortless and I'll recommend it to anyone who asks.

weight loss foto after pregnancy

September 2013
Mighan Struwig

Hi my name is Wendy Don and my husband is Frans Don. We started with Semelia in December 2012. We didn’t really think that this small piece of seed can do such an amazing job, but we saw results almost immediately. Frans dropped from a size 46 to a size 38 pants. I dropped from a size 22 to size 16 in 4 months. So far Frans lost 17kg and I lost 12 kg’s. The only changes that we made to our diet were to cut out sweet treats. We still need to lose a few more kilos and that will happen soon.

Before weight loss and after weight loss photo, lost 12kg's, lost 17kg's

May 2013
Wendy and Frans

My changed life all because of the Semelia fat Burner

My name is Phumzile Mkhwanazi and I am 31 years old this year. I work for the johannesburg Metro Police and have been working there for the past ten years.

In my whole entire family we have a problem of being over weight and all I knew and wanted was to be a police officer from childhood. I managed to become a police officer but the problem was nothing else but my weight. Everytime I walked on the streets of Johannesburg everybody would turn and make funny comments like "I wonder how does one catch criminals". I lacked confidence and I had so much self pity, I felt very discouraged even though I was doing my dream job. I started starving myself and then after days I would eat like no bodies busines, then I started consulting doctors called dieticians, following diets without results, I have spent thousands and thousands of money without results. Up until my cousin told me about a miraculose seed called Semelia fat Burner and from a sie 42 I now wear a size 34. I feel and look good and I spend very less, everybody is asking me what is my secret I always tell them Semelia fat Burner. I don't starve, I eat everything except sweets and cakes and I still loose weight. I am now one of the proud and good looking cops in Johannesburg.

Salute!!! Semelia Fat Burner

April 2013

Hi, my name is Alison. I am 51 years old and have found that the middle age spread is not a myth….it is true. I am tall, so get away with a bit of extra weight. I decided when I turned 50 to be a bit more serious about my fitness and started at the end of 2011 to go to gym regularly. I weighed 81kgs and my goal is 72kgs. After a year and going to gym every morning for an hours work out, I didn’t see my weight come down at all. I was told about Semelia by my beautician. I decided to give it a go. I started in the middle of December 2012, my craving for chocolate was taken away and I found that I didn’t want to eat all the time, a symptom of working from home. I am so thrilled, people at the gym come up to me regularly now to comment on my weight loss. First it was cm’s but now it’s the weight as well. I have lost 8kgs and am wearing my slim clothes again. Just a couple of kg’s to go and I will be at goal!! For just R240 a month and tremendous savings on my grocery bill, I have experienced such great results that I am recommending Semelia to EVERYONE!!!.

Before weight loss and after Weight loss Photo

March 2013
Bedforview (JHB)

Good day; Losing weight has always been a nightmare for me nothing ever worked. One day I was reading Health 24 and found an article on Semelia seeds, my first thought was let’s try it and I did and boy o boy did it change my life! Not only did I loose weigh I regained my confidence & I feel beautiful inside-out! The best is that it’s all effortless and I lost 12Kgs To anyone out there who struggles to loose weight I suggest you give Semelia a try, & u will never look back!! Thanks to the Semelia Team!

weight loss before and after
March 2013
Dunkeld (JHB)

Good day; Loosing weight has always been a nightmare for me. Having tried every product that you can think of; I strongly believed that nothing will ever work & I just gave up! My close friend introduced me to Semelia. Yes, I was a bit skeptical @ first; thinking that the product will not help me achieve my desired goal-weight - well; just like the rest of the products that I have tried. To my surprise; Semelia proved to be different. In a month; I lost 8kg! Not only did I loose weight; but my skin started glowing too! I regained my confidence & I feel beautiful inside-out! To anyone out there who'd like to loose weight effortlessly; I suggest you give Semelia a try, & u will never look back!! Thanks to the Semelia Team!

January 2013
Johannesburg South